Американский дизайнер Andrea Lauren впервые в России

Andrea Lauren

«DayByDay» сотрудничает с дизайнерами по всему миру. Один из первых таких союзов с прекрасным американским дизайнером — Andrea Lauren. Мы очень гордимся нашим партнерством и хотим рассказать в небольшом интервью с Andrea, о ее опыте в иллюстрации, отличиях американского рынка дизайна и ее впечатлении от работы с Российским брендом! (текст в оригинале, позже обещаем перевод).

How long have you been working as a designer? Where did you study?

After graduating with my final college degree from Columbia University in New York City, I created an Etsy shop which featured some of my gouache illustrations turned into a greeting cards and art print line.  Diversifying my creative opportunities was also a high priority in the early years of starting my career; creating repeating pattern designs, continuing to practice techniques for printmaking, and beginning to license some of my designs were all plans which have been continued throughout.

stamp hummingbird florals

What made you start drawing?

Even as a child I can remember drawing and doodling little things.  Recently my mum found a drawing of a bear wearing a bowtie in crayon made when I was just a little girl.  It instantly reminded me of a bear wearing a bowtie which became a bestselling print in my fabric shop as well as having been featured on a collaboration with a Japanese clothing shop!  I guess drawing has always been something to personally enjoy and it still is to this day.

stamp butterfly fabric

Is this your first experience with a Russian manufacturer? What’s the difference between working with US clients?

This is my fist time licensing with a Russian manufacturer.  It is very exciting to bring these prints to your market and I am hoping everyone enjoys them.  There isn’t much of a difference, but I find most of my clients are based in Europe already so maybe I am accustomed to it.  It wasn’t my plan for it to work out that way, but the style has been embraced so I am very happy to work with clients worldwide.

What can you tell us about your drawing style? You have a lot of different animals and things in your pictures. Why these themes?

Animals have been an ever present theme in my work.  Trying to branch outside of this is something I do from time to time, but it inevitably draws me back in; the cute animals are my muse.  Not that my work is carries any deep message, but I think it reflects who I am—nature loving, minimal, and happy.



Who where your role models in childhood?

Roald Dahl’s lovely stories always captured my attention as a child.  Also, my grandmother was a very caring person.  She would take my sister and I to the New Forest for nature walks and a nice afternoon tea at the end; they are fond memories.

What do you expect from this collaboration with DayByDay?

It is an exciting opportunity, surely, and an honor to have some of my prints featured on your fantastic items!  Thanks a million for bringing them to your customers!


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